Immune Boosting Iced Tea

An incredibly simple recipe that can turn your tea bags into the perfect summer drink. It also makes for a much healthier alternative to the regular, sugary iced teas that you find at the supermarket. For our iced tea, we decided to use our Ginger & Lemongrass blend to help boost overall immunity (feel free to experiment with other blends).

What you’ll need


  1. Boil the kettle, ensuring enough water for a large jug

  2. Whilst the kettle boils, add your tea bags into the jug. Each tea bag is one serving, so add as many as required

  3. Squeeze in half a lemon

  4. Slice up the other half of the lemon and add in

  5. Pour in your boiling water

  6. Add the honey, before giving it a stir

  7. (Optional) Add in your sprigs of rosemary or other chosen fresh herbs

  8. Leave to cool, before placing into the fridge to chill

  9. Once cold, add ice to your glass and pour away. Enjoy!

Recipe by Niall Kiddle.