Our sustainable packaging

Ever since Forager was first launched, we have felt a responsibility to provide products in the most sustainable way possible. This comes from the idea that every modern day company has the ability to use eco-friendly packaging and ethically sourced ingredients. It would feel backwards to do otherwise and thus, all of our products reflect this.

Today we want to talk about our packaging and give a breakdown of all the elements involved. There are two aspects to providing eco-friendly packaging. The first is obviously using materials in a sustainable way, where they can be either recycled or composted. The second aspect, which is equally as important, is actually informing people what to do with these materials once finished!

Box & Leaflet

Our boxes & leaflets are made from recycled wood pulp. These go in your home recycling bin.


Made from Kraft Paper & PLA with uncoated paper labels making them entirely compostable. Put these in your home food bin.

Tea bags

The tea bags and string are made from cornstarch with a paper label. These should also be thrown into your home food bin.

Not only do we love to talk tea, but we also love to discuss the environment and ways we can further help with sustainability. If you'd like to get in contact regarding our packaging or have any questions, please get in contact!